The visual identity for the #Wellenbrecher campaign was created as part of a competition. The logo stands for resistance & cohesion against the second Corona wave and calls for participation. The campaign focuses on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. In cooperation with the ABK Stuttgart, the HDM and the Filmhochschule Ludwigsburg, the feed is updated with various creative contributions.


Das Wellenbrecher Kampagnenlogo.
Ich bin #Wellenbrecher*in
Das Logo für alle Teilnehmer*innen an der Kampagne.
Eine abgeleitete Kurzvariante.


Plakat; Posterdesign on the streets
Broadcasting of the posters in public spaces through cooperation with Ströer.
Use your mask and escape the second wave.; Benutze deine Maske und entkomme der zweiten Welle.
Use your mask and escape the second wave.
Hang Loose & Wear A Mask

Social Media