Hand Drawn SUP for Organics by Red Bull

SUPs, or stand-up paddling, is a water sport that involves paddling across the lake or sea while standing on a board.

Advanced athletes even surf with the board similar to surfing. The perfect gadget for the summer by the water.


To match the organic drinks of the "Organics by Red Bull" series, five different designs were to be created for the different varieties. 

At an event on Lake Constance, these were then to be painted live onto the boards. The design was to match the cans and reflect the natural ingredients of the drinks. 


Foto: Marius C. Merkel

In the first step, potentially suitable colours were tested in their colour behaviour and assigned to match the respective varieties. To match the varieties, the corresponding ingredients were displayed in different styles and arranged in the extreme portrait format. In the last step, the SUP boards were simulated in a digital sketch.


Foto: Daniel Schulz

Larger areas on the boards were coloured with spray cans. The detail work was done with various markers. Acrylic paints were used for painting, which were fixed by subsequent varnishing. The branding was applied with a stencil.

Foto: Daniel Schulz