When light meets matter, both become visible to us. Artificial lighting causes light to be emitted and distributed in space. The project "Artificial.Lighting" captures a momentary state of the emitted and reflected light through the technique of photography and thus records different situations of light sources, the path of light and its illumination. The photo project deals with the question of the correct use of light.  


In addition to the aesthetic factor, which reflects our enthusiasm, sense of beauty and attraction to light, a current state of the problem is also documented. With the knowledge of the effects of light pollution, viewers can gain a new understanding of the scenarios depicted. 

The project is intended to encourage reflection on how, when and where light is useful on a sustainable and beneficial scale.


The project "Light Pollutes" follows on from this. Installations interact with lighting in public spaces and confront the issue of light pollution. The documentation of this is recorded together with produced content on Instagram. In addition to interviews, images and animations, short articles were written to explain the polluting factor of poor lighting and the problem of light pollution.

An insight into the resulting website www.artificial.lighting with the photographs taken. An intro video was created for the landing page, which gives viewers an easy introduction to the topic. The specialist knowledge on the subject of artificial lighting can then be expanded through the linked studies.

The photographs taken were exhibited with the theme and the website at the "Zusammen Leuchten Festival" in Cologne and as part of the diploma exhibitions at the ABK in Stuttgart.


In order to be safe on the road during night photography, an ultra-reflective jacket was designed. It addresses the issue of road safety and glare while communicating against uncontrolled light pollution.